These workshops are an introduction to and a beginning for your mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness, like many things that are worthwhile, is most skillfully developed through in-depth support and instruction

A practical and inspiring day designed to teach the mindfulness skills participants need to develop their own practice along with Cognitive Behavioural techniques to help develop a more positive approach to self- care and to prevent stress and burnout

Minding you: techniques to combat stress in the workplace

Workplace resilience

Those who care for others are at particular risk of compassion fatigue. Self- care, healthy boundaries and dealing with difficult emotions are the focus of this day. Participants come away with a personal care plan and are strengthened to deal with the emotional and psychological pressures of their role

Mindfulness and CBT for well being in the caring professions.

Caring for the Carer

Delivered by a mental health professional in a supportive non- judgemental environment. Participants will learn mindfulness skills and CBT techniques to help step out of the recurring cycle of anxiety/depression. Participants will learn about their triggers, their scripts which keep the experiences going and how to change them, in addition to developing better coping skills for symptoms which they experience. Participants will leave with a personal tool box of strategies and skills to support them

A comprehensive mental health programme for those who experience depression and/or anxiety

Mindfulness based CBT for Anxiety/ Depression

This workshops addresses the mental and emotional wellbeing of teachers. In particular, the pressure of the teaching environment and the importance of managing relationships with a variety of people and dealing with change in the workplace. Mindfulness CBT and Positive Psychology combine to deliver a comprehensive approach to self-care and wellbeing for teachers

Caring for myself, my colleagues and the children in my care

Caring for the Educator

A programme which aims to increases self- awareness and teach practical skills. Leaders will engage in reflective practices to understand unhelpful patterns in themselves and in their workplace relationships. They will learn to respond skilfully instead of react in old ways. This leads to improved communication, decision making and better stress management. The programme is based on synthesising mindfulness, emotional intelligence, CBT and transactional analysis

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and CBT for Leaders

Mindful Leadership

Managers are frequently caught between the pressures of company objectives and managing the needs of their employees. This program will focus on practical mindfulness training to cultivate physical and mental resilience. They will also reflect on changes they could make which would improve their decision making, planning and communication in the workplace

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology for Managers

The Mindful Manager

This workshop allows a non- judgemental space to reflect on your parenting skills, understand your triggers and focus on positive communication and self -compassion. You will learn practical skills to help deal with the challenges of parenting

Mindfulness and CBT techniques for a better parenting experience

Mindfulness for parents

A half day workshop which aims to help students deal with the emotional and psychological pressures of exams. Students learn to step out of the cycle of stress, practice relaxation techniques, breathing and positive thinking

Mindfulness, CBT and relaxation techniques for students under pressure

Combating exam stress

Co facilitated by a qualified mindfulness teacher and a qualified yoga instructor. Participants will learn techniques to improve physical and mental relaxation and therefore better stress management. Mats provided

A day of mindfulness meditation and yoga for complete relaxation

Workplace retreat day