Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is a relatively new form of Psychotherapy in Ireland however it has been a popular therapy in the USA and UK since the 1980’s. It is in fact the number one therapy recommended by the American Mental Health Association to treat PTSD.

EMDR uses eye movement or other forms of bilateral stimulation to desensitise unresolved trauma and emotional distress from our past which may be affecting us in the present moment Not only does it desensitise past trauma, it also stimulates the brain to process the event to a positive or adaptive resolution.  After EMDR therapy, events which disturbed us are no longer disturbing and we also have a sense of having learned form the event and being able to move on. Negative beliefs we have about ourselves change to more positive ones and we truly break free of the past.

 During EMDR therapy we also desensitise the situations which are triggering us in the present and we use EMDR to create a more positive template of how we would like to deal with the person or situation in the future.  I have found it to be an incredibly effective therapy across a wide range of issues.

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"EMDR is proving to be the silicon chip of psychotherapy; it allows people to process incredible amounts of material in a shockingly short time"

-Michael Elkin, executive director of the Centre for Collaborative Solutions.


EMDR"is one of the most powerful tools I've encountered for treating posttraumatic stress. In the hands of a competent and compassionate therapist, it gives people the means to heal themselves"

-Steven Silver Ph.D.,director of the PTSD unit, Veterans Adninistration Medical Center, Pennsylvannia